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Polyurethane Items
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Polyurethane Items

  Polyurethane Board

- Polyurethane Board

Polyurethane board is made of an extremely tough 60-90 Durometer Polyurethane that lasts an average of 3~5 times longer than rubber skirting equivalents,it has high tensile strength,low friction,belt friendly,high abrasion resistant etc.

  Polyurethane Blade

- Polyurethane Blade

Our polyurethane scrapers are made of polymer polyurethane with excellent abrasion resistance and can effectively prevent material from passing through the blade and resulting in poor cleaning effect.

  UHMW-PE Items

- UHMW-PE Items

UHMW-PE is a kind of thermoplastic with extremely high molecular weight. It has excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance, frost resistance, self-lubrication,anti-scaling,chemical corrosion resistance,which are unparalleled by other plastics. Moreover, it has excellent low temperature resistance and still has high impact strength at -40°C. It has unmatched incomparable comprehensive performance of ordinary polyethylene and other engineering plastics.


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