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Intelligent Protection
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Intelligent Protection

  Proetction Switch

- Balanced Pull Cord Switch

Pull cord switch is a protection switch used for emergency stop of belt conveyor. When an emergency occurs on the belt conveyor site, the site personnel will start the pull rope switch at any position along the conveyor site and stop the machine immediately to prevent the expansion of the accident. This product is easy to install, reliable performance, in the field of belt conveyor has been widely used.

- Belt Sway Switch

Belt sway switch is a safety protection device widely used in the field of belt conveyors. This product is easy to install and reliable in performance.

- Heavy Duty Limit Switch

It is mainly used to control the position of belt conveyor and crane conveying equipment in machinery factories and mines to avoid collision accidents caused by exceeding the limit position. It can effectively guarantee the safety of personnel and equipment.

- Level Switch

At the site of the belt conveyor, overflow of material in the silo occurs from time to time. The material level switch can effectively reduce overflow, material waste and downtime by detecting materials.

  Intelligent Detection

- Belt Speed Detector

It is mainly used for real-time detection of the running speed of the belt conveyor. When the belt conveyor stalls, this product can send out an alarm signal in time to prevent serious accidents caused by slipping between the conveyor belt and the main roller.

- Chute Blockage Detector

Chute blockage detector is developed to detect whether the chute is blocked. When the chute is blocked, the product can send out the switch signal in time. On-site personnel can take timely measures to prevent material blocking chute caused by the malignant accident.

- Belt Tear Detector

 Belt tear detector is a protective device to detect and alarm the longitudinal tear of conveyor belt. It is used for automatic alarm or emergency stop when the conveyor belt is torn, punctured, damaged at the junction or sharp objects protruding out of the conveyor belt.

- Address Encoder

Address encoder is an address coding device.It is a device that can add address coding function for other electrical products. It can be used with any conveyor protection device with switch output.

- Spray Dust Suppression System

- Integrated Protection Device

Integrated protection device is a protection switch information integrated acquisition equipment. The integrated protection device can also be called the host of address encoder, which can form a monitoring network of large protection device with a variety of address encoders for real-time monitoring and management. It can display the running state and fault of protection device of belt conveyor in real time.

- Audible And Visual Alarm

Audible and visual alarm devices provide alarm and status notifications.


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