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The Design And Usage Of Impact Bars
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The Design And Usage Of Impact Bars

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The Design And Usage Of Impact Bars

An impact bar is a mechanical device that distributes the impact load over a large surface area. The bar has a unique rectangular form that distributes any impacted weight across the whole surface area of the bar. These bar designs are commonly used in automotive safety equipment such as doors, bumpers, and roll cages. They're also utilized to support the weight of conveyor belts.

Here are the main points of this article:

1. What is an impact bar?

2. What is the design of the impact bar?

1. What is an impact bar?

An impact bar is the most common design for a car bumper. By reducing the explosive effects of a collision, bumpers prevent damage to the car and its occupants. The inside rectangle cut-out region of the bar is meant to distribute the impact load across the entire beam. This makes it easier to support big loads in the event of a collision.

Impact bars are used under the belting surface area of conveyor belts. This impact bar design distributes the weight of parcels and heavy materials rolled across the conveyor belt region. These are employed on production lines, in mail package facilities, and huge buildings like airports with people mover systems.

Luggage belts move heavy luggage from flights to baggage claim facilities in most airports. Under the belt region, there are impact bars to help sustain the luggage load. Because it can carry huge loads with minimal material, this design is cost-effective.

2. What is the design of the impact bar?

The impact bar comes in a variety of lengths and sizes. These bars are rectangular and have a little cut-out portion in the middle of the material that is also rectangular. Because the load is dispersed throughout the surface area, this design makes the material more durable and lighter than solid metal.

Impact bars are made of a variety of materials. Rubber, metal, and hardened urethane are the most common. The weight and a distributed load that the bar can support are determined by the sort of material it is made of. Because it is more resistant to wear, an impact bar constructed of hardened urethane is regarded as one of the most durable.

The impact bar's components:

l Belt contact strip

l The top layer is made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene offering a low coefficient of friction with the conveyor belt.

l Acts as an energy absorber for the load dropped at the material feeding points.

l Facilitates the quick mounting of the impact bar serving as fastening units & is made from an Aluminium alloy.

l Rubber Base

l T – slot pofile

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