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Conveyor Belts Sealing and Support
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Conveyor Belts Sealing and Support

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Conveyor Belts Sealing and Support

Bulk material handlers understand the value of a well-made and simple-to-maintain conveyor belt skirting system. Conveyor belts have a difficult challenge ahead of them: they must be able to transmit bulk items for lengthy periods of time while being durable and efficient. They might deteriorate faster than intended without proper sealing and support, resulting in costly, unwelcome leakage, disruptions, and repairs.

Your conveyor belt skirting system should, in theory, seal a moving belt to keep the material on it. Conveyor belts, on the other hand, have a tendency to leak after spending a long time in a loading zone. Between each idler, the belt will sag noticeably. The valleys created by the valleys create a breach between the belt and the skirtboard material, allowing material to escape.

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1. Sealing Conveyor Belts with the Right Material

2. Companion Support for Conveyor Belts

1. Sealing Conveyor Belts with the Right Material

The demands on the conveyor belt are greater than ever before, as today's bulk material handling operations produce more at higher belt speeds. Much Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) skirting materials are proving to be unreliable between regular maintenance, resulting in increased spillage and dust, tracking issues, belt damage, and premature idler failure.

Some operations may use wear-resistant materials like ceramics or hardened steels to fight the problem. Unfortunately, if the conveyor belt skirting system is too close to or in contact with the belt surface, this might cause further complications. Operators demand a long-lasting substance that does not require regular tweaks and alterations.

Polyurethane skirting materials have been shown in studies to have the best friction value, abrasion resistance, and tensile strength.

The first element, friction value, is concerned with a material's ability to transport heat along skirting sections, which can cause belt damage. Because the rubber on conveyor belt skirting has a high friction value, it is more prone to abrade and harm the belt. Polyurethane, on the other hand, has a low friction coefficient (almost two-thirds less than SBR rubber). It abrades less and protects the belt, as well as preventing dust from becoming trapped beneath the skirt's surface.

Polyurethane is 300 percent more resistant to wear than SBR rubber, according to tests. Polyurethane has also been shown to have a higher tensile strength than the other materials tested. It has lasted up to ten times longer, making it perfect for conveyor belt skirting in high-volume, high-speed production.

Our sealing belt delivers simple, powerful sealing for exceptional performance in conveyor belt skirting systems. It's not only tough, but it also has two layers of protection for optimal dust and spill control. Because of the system's simplicity, all maintenance can be done from the outside by only one person - no need for constrained entrance.

2. Companion Support for Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belt sealing and effective belt support are inextricably linked. The support bed absorbs the shock to the belt under the loading zone by holding it up between the idlers. This keeps the conveyor belt skirting system glued to a level, smooth surface, reducing spillage and sealing in more material dust.

If you are interested in the conveyor belt sealing, please don't hesitate to contact us at SIMA to learn more about these items. SIMA was established in 2014, has many years of experience in conveyor industry installation services, knows how to maintain the safe and efficient operation of conveyors well, which allow us to provide you excellent overall conveyor solutions, to work with you together to determine the best design solutions.


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