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Conveyor Belt Cleaning -- Maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness
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Conveyor Belt Cleaning -- Maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness

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Conveyor Belt Cleaning -- Maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness

In today's world, effective belt cleaning equipment is required in almost all conveyor installations. Even more, demands are being placed on the cleaning effectiveness of these systems at a time when the number of employees employed on such installations is being reduced. However, this is only achievable if the scrapers used work in tandem with the rest of the plant's components.

Following a brief overview of belt cleaning technology, this article will look at how to integrate such systems as a key component in any conveyor system, as well as the cost reductions that may be realized through effectivebelt cleaning.

Here is the main content:

1. Belt cleaning equipment

2. Basic belt cleaning methods

1. Belt cleaning equipment

Because the transported material is constantly scraped by other components of the installation and so enters the conveyor line, dirt tends to collect on the return strand of belt conveyors. Each belt must be cleaned after the discharge point to prevent the collection of dirt or to decrease it to acceptable levels.

In practice, most enterprises clean their conveyor belts utilizing scrapers equipped with blocks, blades, or modules. These scrapers can be categorized based on several factors:

Material of the cleaning tip: Rubber, plastic, ceramics, steel, and tungsten carbide can all be used to make cleaning tips. Tungsten carbide, in particular, is known for its long service life.

The blades' location about the belt: Today's market offers a wide range of scraper systems with a wide range of designs, such as paint scraper principles, bar principles, and negative-angle principles. Scrapers of all varieties are employed, however, scrapers that use the paint scraper principle are considered to produce the finest cleaning results.

2. Basic belt cleaning methods

The cleaning blades' design is as follows: A continuous-line pattern can be seen on single-row scrapers with a strip-type cleaning blade made of rubber, plastic, or steel. Modern high-efficiency belt scrapers, on the other hand, have a split-line design, with individual cleaning parts forced against the belt by springs. The latter comes in a single-row configuration with scrapings discharged in the opposite direction of belt travel or a double-row configuration with scrapings discharged in the same direction as belt travel.

Their cleaning function is as follows: Pre-scrapers and primary scrapers are the two types of scrapers. Pre-scrapers are used on conveyors where the working conditions may cause the main scraper to get overloaded. They diminish product layer adhesion to the belt surface, allowing the primary scraper to clean more efficiently. The spring blade scraper with split-line layout is the single most essential scraper type among the main scraper types. Tungsten carbide tips are commonly used on cleaning elements. Pre-scrapers are typically equipped with single plastic cleaning blocks, however, ceramics and tungsten carbide can also be used. They can be constructed in either a single line or a split-line form.

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